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Montessori Approach for the Elderly

An introduction for PSW’s, Nursing Care Staff, Programming Aids & Coordinators, Therapists of all kinds (OT, Physio, Speech) and Paid and Unpaid Caregivers.

Certificate upon completion

Description & Outline

Get a certificate in this innovative and easy approach on how to manage a person with dementia and guide them into a quality life of care and recreation.  Increase your job skills and opportunities with this highly sought out certificate.

  • Learn how to implement practical tools and effective ways of caring for the elderly
  • Effective approach for Memory & Responsive Behaviors
  • Have a cutting edge over other healthcare providers
  • Instructional Book included
  • Dynamic Learning Instruction

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Location: Peak College 1140 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 12 North York ON

Cost: $250 per person

To Register Call 416-638-8600


Understanding Dementia & Aggressive Behaviors

This workshop is intended for all caregiver, families and anyone who is in contact with people that have dementia.

Description & Outline

Don’t miss out on this inspiring and in depth workshop. Increase your job opportunities and set yourself apart by learning about dementia and how to manage aggressive or undesirable behaviors.

Families with loved ones that have dementia are welcome to register as well.

Get a certificate form PEAK Healthcare College in Understanding Dementia and Aggressive Behaviors Workshop. You will have deep understanding of various forms of dementia and how to manage the day to day needs of the people you are caring for.  You will walk away with tools on how to manage aggressive behaviors.

  • Optimize workforce skills in dementia care
  • Have adequate knowledge when caring for a person with dementia
  • This is what employers are looking for!

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Location: Peak College 1140 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 12 North York ON.

Cost: $250 per person

To register for any of workshops, please call us at
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