Montessori Benefits

Caregiver’s Bill of Rights

I have the right!

  1. To take care of my own health, spirit and relationships.
  2. To seek help from others even though my care-receiver may object.
  3. To accessible and culturally appropriate services to aid in caring for my care-receiver.
  4. To get angry, and express other difficult feelings occasionally.
  5. To accept help that is offered to me by others.
  6. To receive consideration, affection, forgiveness and acceptance for what I achieve as a caregiver.
  7. To take pride in what I accomplish and to applaud the courage it has sometimes taken to meet the needs of my relative, partner or friend.
  8. To protect my individuality and the right to make a life for myself that will sustain me in the time when my care-receiver no longer needs my full time help.
  9. To expect and demand increased awareness and support to find resources to aid me in caring for my relative, partner or friend.

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