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What Dementia Support Will Do For Your Organization


Make environmental recommendations that are most suited for individuals with dementia.


Determine the best solution to reduce behaviors associated with dementia by applying our philosophies and using our Montessori Activities.


Train, guide and support the staff in proper Montessori approach, and execution of the methods in the residence daily activities.


Educate your staff on how to implement a Montessori approach and use Montessori activities to reduce challenging behaviors associated with Alzhiemer’s and other forms of dementia as well as patients that have had strokes.


Provide Montessori activities that will be easily accessible for staff and visiting family members.


Initiate and support the project plan until it is fully integrated.

Dementia Support & Hospitals

Dementia Support has had great success in bringing Montessori to the hospital environment.  North York General Hospital are leaders in bringing Montessori to their environment. Various units have been trained and use our Montessori Activities including the Emergency Room,  Stroke Unit, Long term acute unit and many more.

The success of our Montessori training and Montessori activities has resulted in reducing agitation, fewer sedation and restraints and an overall ability to keep patients busy and focused on our real life activities during their stay at the hospital.

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