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Global News – Interview with Dementia Support’s Day Centre Participant Shula Benmor

On January 7th Global News reporter Crystal Goomansingh visited Dementia Support Seniors Day Program. Crystal interviewed one of our daily participants Shula Benmor along with her son Steven Benmore.  You can see in this video how Shula is engaged in a Montessori cognitive sort with her son Steven.  Montessori sorts are a great was for family members to engage with their loved ones. It sometimes becomes difficult to communicate the way family members used to in the past.  Conversations become limited and visits get shorter.  By introducing an activity such as a sort allows the person with dementia and their family member to connect without the need of many words.    

The Global news video wasn’t about Montessori activities but worth mentioning since the conversation between mother and son took place while participating in the activity.

Here is the link to the Global News video that talks about Woman and Alzheimer’s and the need for more research in Alzheimer’s disease in females.

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